I am…still growing, continuously learning, courageous, a people person, industrious, someone who loves to pet animals, an outdoor enthusiast, active! over-accommodating, persistent, a mother, lover, daughter, sister, an advocate of Women and Transition.I do…believe studying change is the basis toward creating understanding and positive pathways to support one another. I do believe our lexicon needs a refresh – what is a “broken family”/ “X-Spouse” / “Over-aged” / etc…? I do love life, nature, the wind in my hair, sunsets, the sounds of a rooster in the morning, and I do believe we are developing as a society….I do believe in happy . I love it because…it is feeling alive! I love it because….I am working for something bigger then myself.I hope to…be a pioneer, I hope to be an inspiration, I hope to…..leave a positive legacy, I hope….my business thrives,. I hope….to believe in my worth, myself. .